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Achieve a glowing complexion and brighten your day from the dull of the city life. We have harnessed the brightening powers of two flowers (Verbascum and Saffron) to restore radiance to the skin. They are complemented by Microalgae and Marine Plankton Extracts which act as natural smoothing and firming actives.


We believe that beauty can be enhanced with natural ingredients, so we have selected the most performing ones to provide your skin with all the support it needs to age perfectly. This range contains carefully selected premium-grade extracts to fight and improve the appearance of fine lines. 


Detox your skin and firm your body with Sicilian Sea Salt, Sweet Orange Oil and Ginger Extract. They stimulate the lymphatic system, helping to remove toxins and excess water, and energise your senses with an uplifting scent. 

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Firm & Detox Body Cream
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Detox Body Scrub

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