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I was first motivated to start my own natural skincare company after years of discomfort due to skin allergies. Following an extended period of taking cortisone medicines without improving much, I began to research all the skincare products I was using at the moment. I discovered that most of the ingredients contained in those cosmetics were synthetic but most of all irritating. I was suffocating my skins with petrochemicals, formaldehyde donors and all sorts of unnatural and allergenic ingredients. Those were harmful not only to my skin but also to the environment. The search for a healthier and more natural beauty brought me to ... get rid of lots of cosmetics…. and to start self-made skin care products!

During those years I learned a lot about natural ingredients and I dreamt about opening my own natural beauty line, but I set aside my secret wish due to lots of commitments. Finally, after my master's degree, I decided to invest all my time in my dream: I retired for some years of independent studies and researches, at the end of which, I founded my own skin care company.

I can honestly say that I am my company’s first customer and that I have tested many times all the Enphasis' products so that now they are as I want them to be. In fact, I am very selective in my products’ formulas: they contain performing botanical ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals. They are designed to be gentle on the skin, even the most sensitive, like mine.

Being of Italian's root, I have tapped into the rich Italian botanical offering. Some of Enphasis’ natural ingredients are connected to the Italian territory: you can find the illuminating Mullein (Verbasco) extract, the antioxidant Saffron (Zafferano) extract, the anti-ageing Prickly Pear oil and the detoxifying Sicilian Sea Salt, to name but a few. Furthermore, all of our containers and the product packagings are designed and made in Italy.

Our entire range is certified Organic and Vegan according to the ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) standard. Moreover, because we are firmly against animal testing, all of our products have also obtained the Cruelty-Free certification.

I am genuinely excited about the launch of my products on the market and I hope you will feel the same when you have a chance to try them.

founder Emphasize your beauty, Naturally!

Paola Geremia,
UK based founder of Enphasis

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