Certifications & Ethics

You deserve quality, transparency and the best assurance possible.

We have decided to be examined and controlled by independent and professional bodies so we can provide you with higher guarantees on our products.


We believe that preferring organic is the best choice for your skin, your health and the environment.

The ICEA Organic Cosmetics certification means that:

  • ingredients from certified organic farming are clearly indicated on the label
  • labels and claims are supported by reliable scientific tests
  • the products do not contain any allergenic, irritating or possible harmful ingredients
  • an independent laboratory has tested each product to prove its microbiological safety and skin tolerability
  • no product contains any plants at risk of extinction
  • no product contains any GM ingredients
  • no product or packaging contain any environmentally questionable materials

This is a voluntary certification system that involves an annual inspection of production units, storage centres and product distribution centres.


We think that plant-based ingredients alone can produce exceptional skincare products.

The ICEA Vegan Cosmetics certification means that:

  • no product contain any animal-derived ingredient
  • safety tests do not involve any use of animal or live organism
  • the vegetable origin of the ingredients is fully traced and guaranteed

This is a voluntary control and certification system that involves annual inspections of the production unit and accurate record keeping.


No animals should be harmed to produce skincare and we support the end of animal testing for cosmetics

The PETA Cruelty-Free certification means that:

  • We do not conduct, commission or pay for animal testing of our products.
  • We do not use raw ingredients that are tested on animals.
  • We do not sell to China or to any other country that requires animal testing as a condition of importing.