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Skin allergies and eczema put me through really unpleasant years. I remember that I felt not confident in my skin and that sometimes I had to cover my face, my hands and tried to resist the urge to scratch in public. Unfortunately, some of you can understand the feeling.

Desperate for any improvements and, as a last resort, I started to research all the skincare products I was using at the moment. With great shock, I discovered that these products contained petrochemicals, formaldehyde donors and I was suffocating my skins with synthetic and irritating ingredients.

Here is where my journey begins. In a quest for a healthier beauty, I started self-made skincare products.
During my explorations, I have certainly learned a lot about natural ingredients and clean product formulas. I have come to realise that is it possible to formulate a product which is natural and effective at the same time.
So it all started as a search for a happy and healthier skin and then it turned into a passion.
The desire to share my experience with others brought me to found Enphasis.


My products are exactly as I want them to be.
They have been formulated to be performing but gentle on the skin. They contain ingredients which are inspired by the rich Italian botanical offering, since I have Italian origin, and some of them are also patented. But, above all, the entire range is organic, vegan and cruelty-free certified. I can proudly say that I am my company’s first customer.

So here they are: clean, performing products you can trust.

Put your skin first and enjoy it the natural way,

Founder of Enphasis


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