Meet Paola

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Do you have ultra sensitive skin? Is your skin easily irritated? Welcome to the club and take a seat

Nobody better than me can understand how you feel right now for your skin appearance, literally, and how this affects your self-confidence. In the worst moments, I was giving up on my social life because I wasn't feeling to see anyone. It wasn't easy.

I will tell you that, when the doctors told me I was allergic to Kathon CG, that is present in thousands of beauty products, I freaked out! And I started reading all my personal care labels and guess what? I couldn't use my favourite cleanser anymore! And no, my face moisturiser as well. In fact, Kathon CG was in all of them. But they were also containing petrochemicals, formaldehyde and lots of irritating ingredients with scary names ...It was an awful day.

I was so sick and tired of this nonsense that I decided to self-make my skincare products at home, in my kitchen, can you imagine that? I started experimenting with basic recipes, like whipped butter or face and body oil. After many miserable failures and few successes, I refined my formulas into more sophisticated ones, gentle and effective at the same time. My friends and family loved them so much that they were not leaving anything for me - my first customers.

we make clean, performing products that make you feel confident in your skin again, as I am now
Paola Geremia - founder of Enphasis
When I started this adventure, I had 4 goals in mind:
  • Clean: you'll never find ingredients I wouldn't use myself
  • Conscious: I'll make them ethically
  • Performing: I'll use powerful natural ingredients
  • Timeless: I'll want a classic aesthetics design

Today Enphasis is my life purpose, and I'm so lucky to collaborate with a fabulous bunch of like-minded chemists from an indie laboratory, where we create the best products for your delicate skin. We test them for sensitive skin and eyes to give you complete peace of mind. Also, the ICEA inspectors come to visit us every year to make sure we deserve the certifications. And I can tell you: they're very picky people.

So here we are: we make clean, performing products that make you feel confident in your skin again, as I am now.

- Founder of Enphasis