Meet Paola

Picture of Paola Geremia

I started reading skincare product labels for the first time in my life when I found out I was allergic to the irritant preservatives MI/MCI. And guess what? Most of the products I was using contained them, but also lots of disrupting ingredients… It was an awful discovery.

Sick and tired of this nonsense, I wondered, why not? I'll do it myself! So I rolled up my sleeves and began self-made skincare products.

At first, I started experimenting with essential recipes. But after necessary failures and critical successes, I refined my formulas into more sophisticated ones.

Today I'm so lucky to work with an indie laboratory in which I develop Enphasis products together with like-minded chemists. The best team I could ever imagine!

We always research and test particular and innovative natural actives, and we raise the bar high to get our organic, vegan and cruelty-free certifications. And in our products you'll never find ingredients I wouldn't use on my skin.

So here it is: a clean and ethical choice that delivers proven results to your skin.

Why settle?

- Founder of Enphasis