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Mission & Values

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Mission & Company Name

Our mission is to emphasise women’s beauty with natural skincare products, made with high quality and performing botanical ingredients.
Our products have a significant concentration of natural actives and are free of artificial and synthetic ingredients. Enphasis was born with the desire for a more natural and greener lifestyle. We want to create skincare products that enhance beauty, are effective but also natural and safe to use. Our mission is also implicitly contained in our company name. The deeper essence of the company name Enphasis is: “emphasize your beauty, naturally”. To reflect this meaning our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram nicknames are:



Our values:
  • Have high standards: high quality and performing ingredients, high concentration of natural actives, organic, vegan & cruelty-free certifications
  • Make a difference: no artificial and synthetic ingredients
  • Be ethical: no animal testing, environmentally friendly packaging
  • Demonstrate passion for natural things: through our products and with our brand image
  • Love our work


Brand Image

Enphasis’ mission and values are reflected in our brand image. The logo, symbol and illustrations are all hand-drawn to transmit trustworthiness and a natural feeling. All of our designs have a clean and elegant look, achieved with white spaces.
Our symbol is the “E” of Enphasis surrounded by a botanical wreath. The wreath is made with some of the natural ingredients that you can find in our products.

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