About Enphasis

What do you want from your skincare?

How about plant-based vegan ingredients, stunning performance and good ethics?

Hello Enphasis skincare!
Ambitious but natural.
Free but performing.
Fierce but caring.

Why Enphasis

Healthy Skin

We don't compromise on quality or take shortcuts! Our products are all Dermatologically Tested, and we also Ophthalmologically test all eye products to give you complete peace of mind. We stay away from ingredients that are likely to unsettle the skin. Sit back, relax and enjoy a well balanced and healthy skin.

Radiant Glow

Our skincare formulas are not only pure and gentle but also performing and innovative. We use breakthrough and clinically-tested botanicals to ensure that our products deliver proven results to your skin. We do all the hard work for you, you just need to be ready to glow!

Deep Hydration

Our formulas are not "watered-down" and are packed full of actives up to the last bit. In our products, we have replaced plain water with Organic Aloe Vera to enrich them with its hydrating and remineralising benefits. Aloe Vera brings 4 times deeper hydrating moisture than water!

Planet Friendly

Our products are organic, vegan and cruelty-free certified. We believe that organic is the best choice for your skin, your health and the environment. And that plant-based ingredients alone can produce exceptional skincare products. We also support the end of animal testing for cosmetics because no animals should be harmed to produce skincare.