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Enphasis Organic

Enphasis’ products are certified Organic Cosmetics by ICEA.

ICEA, the Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute, is the main certifying body of natural and organic cosmetics in Italy. It controls and certifies companies that carry out their activities in respect of people and nature, defending the rights of consumers.
ICEA (Italy) is one of the members of COSMOS- standard AISBL (international non-profit organisation based in Brussels), which purpose is to set down minimum common requirements to harmonise organic and natural cosmetic certification rules. The other four members of AISBL are: BDIH (Germany), Cosmebio (France), Ecocert Greenlife SAS (France) and  Soil Association (Great Britain).

Our entire range is manufactured in compliance with the “ICEA Environment-friendly Cosmetics Standard (DTR 06)” and is, therefore, characterised by:

  • the use of certified organic vegetable raw materials (complying with the Standard)
  • the use of chemical substances from natural origin or derived from green chemistry, selected under the criteria of environmental sustainability and salubriousness
  • the absence of vegetable and non-vegetable raw materials that are considered possibly harmful, meaning allergenic, irritating, or with evidence of possible harm to human health
  • the absence of environmentally questionable materials, both in the products themselves and in packaging;

Raw materials regarded as admissible are those that comply with the following criteria:

  • dermo-compatibility
  • low toxicity and absence of side effects on humans
  • low environmental impact
  • no synthetic origin

The list of forbidden substances includes certain classes:
  • PEG, PPG derivatives;
  • ethoxylated compounds;
  • notoriously aggressive surfactants and poor skin-compatible;
  • substances that may cause environmental and ecological damage;
  • compounds that can give rise to nitrosamines (carcinogenic substances);
  • animal derivatives such as collagen, tallow, placenta, etc.;
  • silicones and silicone derivatives;
  • acrylic polymers 
  • preservatives such as formaldehyde and its donors, thiazolinones,
  • phenylmercury derivatives, carbanilides, borates, halogenated phenols, halogenated cresols;
  • synthetic origin dyes;
  • derivatives of aluminium and silicon of synthetic origin.

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